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Fonts 2.0.2

Font definitions and files for developing Riverty web experiences.

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Introduction and usage guidelines

The aim of this package is to make it easy to use the official Riverty fonts — GT Ultra from Grilli Type.

Fonts are also included as part of the Riverty CSS Framework, so you may want to use that instead.


Any Riverty website can use the web fonts and thanks to the centrally managed licensing. However, licensing only allows font files to be published on servers under direct control by Riverty. As a result, the actual font files are not directly included in the @riverty/fonts package, but automatically downloaded upon installation. That process should be transparent to users of the package.


npm install --save-dev @riverty/fonts

After successful installation, you can take a look in the local node_modules folder. Under @riverty/fonts/lib you should find fonts.css and fonts.scss, as well as a bunch of font files (.woff2).

If you use a modern build tool like Vite, you only need to import fonts.css and you’re good to go.

@import "@riverty/fonts/lib/fonts.css";

Other build tools may require you to copy over the @riverty/fonts files into your local project. Instructions for this is forthcoming.