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For Rivertys digital products GT Ultra Median is used as headline font and we use the system font stack for everything else. This is to improve legibility in our products and also improve performance in web applications. We keep GT Ultra Median as headline font for brand retention.

The relevant GT Ultra variants will be available in the Rivery Figma organization through the ‘shared fonts’ feature (documentation forthcoming). Webfonts are also automatically configured in the CSS Framework and served from (further documentation forthcoming). Locally hosted webfonts will be supported soon. Direct download of all font formats will be also be available, restricted according to font licensing terms.

Headline font: GT Ultra Median Light

GT Ultra dances between the worlds of sans and serifs, combining the centuries-old context of serif type with the dynamism of modern sans. Achieving a balance between flair and function across a versatile typographic system.

GT Ultra Median fonts

Body font: system-ui

For all text, that is not headlines, we use a font stack that adapts to the users operating system. SF Pro for Apple devices, Roboto for Android and Segoe UI for Windows.

Typography fallbacks

In some areas, like thrid party solutions, we can not control the typography and distribute fonts and related code packages. Examples of that are email services and authorization tools.

The design system provides a suggested way to go to minimize brand deviations.

flow chart