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Design Tokens 0.6.0

Foundational design tokens (color, typography, etc.) for Riverty user interfaces.

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Introduction and usage guidelines


Typical usage is including this package within a project that uses a build tool/bundler. First, install the dependency:

npm install --save-dev @riverty/design-tokens

Then, you can import or copy the token files as needed in your styling workflow.

// Adjust path relative to your source file
@import "../node_modules/@riverty/design-tokens/lib/tokens.css";

// Example - use variables:
.example {
  color: var(--r-color-green-vanguard-400);

Some build tools, like Webpack, allow you to reference packages in node_modules easily:

@import "~@riverty/design-tokens/lib/tokens.css";

Some build tools allow you to reference package names directly:

@import "@riverty/design-tokens/lib/tokens.css";

Supported formats


Behind the scenes, Style Dictionary is used to read raw values from JSON files, and transform/output to CSS Custom Properties, Sass, and other formats that might be needed in the future.