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Hey! Great you’re here. We are always keen on having colleagues contributing to Riverty Design System.

Request form

You can request a component, token, pattern, guideline or brand asset via the button below. The button will lead you to a form, in which we ask you everything we think we need to evaluate your request. If we receive the request, we will evaluate it with the team and update you on what will happen with it. It will depend on a few things:

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Feedback form

You can leave your feedback about anything Riverty Design System related anytime, by using the button below. Big things, small tings, positive, negative… We’re interested in your experience, so don’t hesitate to share!

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DSYS Feedback, Q and A

You can report an issue or ask a question about anything Riverty Design System related via the DSYS Feedback, Q and A Teams channel.

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