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For Designers

Figma UI kit and documentation

At Riverty we use Figma for all our design needs. Figma is available to everyone in the organization.
You can use the tool online but we recommend that you download the application for the full experience.

Download Figma application

Riverty Design System team

In Riverty’s organization in Figma you can find the Riverty Design System team. This is a place for documentation and guidelines connected to everything related to the design system. It is a great starting point if you are new to the design system. The team consist of three different files:

Read me first: We recommend you to start with this file. Here you can find general information about the design system, 
our design principles and guidelines of how to use our UI kit in Figma.

Components: An overview of all available components and guidelines of how to use them.

Design Tokens: An overview of our design variables, like colors and text styles, and guidelines of how to use them.

Design System Figma


We offer access to the team libraries to all members in the Riverty organization. The libraries that exists today are:

How to contribute?

If you have feedback, suggestions or questions regarding the design system, please reach out to us in the Riverty Design System team on MS Teams.